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Endodontist FAQ

Endodontist: How to Know When I Need One

Are you experiencing pain when chewing or biting? Do you have a broken tooth? Do you need a root canal? If you have swelling in your gums, sensitivity to hot or cold foods, pain while chewing, or you are experiencing swelling and pain in the jaw, then your dentist might refer you to an Endodontist.

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gum disease prevention

Six Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental diseases among adults and children. It is also one of the most easily prevented dental diseases as it can be avoided by healthy habits such as regular brushing, flossing, use of mouthwash among other many simple ways. When conditions such as cavities and decay are left […]

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Sugar effects on Dental Health

Sugar – The Number One Enemy of Your Teeth

Sugar is essential in our daily food intake, but we also know that excess sugar can cause a number of health issues, including being extremely harmful for your teeth. We know that a lot of sugary food can lead to toothache and cavities, but sugar is the number one enemy of your teeth! It is […]

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Sedation Dentistry at HSM Dental Group

What Is Sedation Dentistry And How Does it Work?

People who are afraid of the dentist or dental surgery can breathe easy knowing that sedation dentistry is available to them. Being under sedation will allow a patient to be relaxed while the dentist works on their teeth and performs oral surgery, etc.  Patients seem to prefer sedation because it eliminates the pain and reduces […]

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pregnancy and dental health with cosmetic dentist in boca raton

Dental Care During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Most expecting moms are experts on what they can do to preserve their baby’s health and safety during pregnancy, but there is one area that is many times overlooked and that is the area of oral health. The body goes through all sorts of changes during pregnancy, and many expecting moms adjust their dietary and […]

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dental bonding at cosmetic dentist in boca raton

Dental Bonding – Is it Something I Need?

Dental bonding is a rather special cosmetic dental procedure.  It involves a process of bonding tooth-colored resin to your teeth in order to cover up or correct imperfections.  It helps improve the appearance of your teeth and make teeth stronger while also correcting problems such as chipped or discolored teeth and can provide bright, white […]

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